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Our hospital network now has 19 locations throughout Malaysia. Use the drop down menu below to find a location closest to you. If you are looking for a specific type of care, select a hospital and browse through the services offered.


The 24-Hour A & E Services is designed to cater the needs of outpatient treatment services for the residential, business and industrial community of Shah Alam and its surroundings. At KPJ Selangor, we believe you deserve an expert medical care even if you suffer from a relatively common ailment like the common flu or a stomachache, because it would be a symptom of something more acute. So come to us the very first time and rest assured that you are in good hands.

24-Hour Polyclinic Offers

  • Qualified, responsive and caring medical personnel
  • Excellent and quality medical services
  • Affordable and reasonable fees for medical treatment

KPJ Selangor 24-Hour Polyclinic Advantages

  • Direct referrals to in-house medical specialist in cases requiring such attention
  • Quick excellent service and usage of quality medication
  • Availability of excellent support services such as x-ray, laboratory, physiotherapy, etc.

Consultation Rates by Medical Officer
7.00 AM - 9.00PM  RM20.00
9.00 PM - 7.00AM  RM30.00
Polyclinic Medical Officers Team

  • Dr Khairuddin Iswadi Hj Ibrahim - Medical Officer
  • Dr Siti Sarah Wahidah Wahid - Medical Officer
  • Dr Mohamad Faizal Borhan - Medical Officer
  • Dr Nurul Huda Musa - Medical Officer
  • Dr Wan Mohd Zaki Wan Haron - Medical Officer

We welcome companies for Panel Clinic Appointments. Form is available at the end of this booklet, to be filled-up and return to us accordingly.

For Enquiries, contact us at 03-55431111 ext. 6061 or 6006 (Nurse Counter)



State-of the-Art Technology - EDAP LT.02 LITHOTRIPTER

The Piezoelectric LT.02 Lithotripter, the device of its kind to appear on the market, and now available at KPJ Selangor is here to serve you with all the many advantages.

First and foremost, its highly ACCURATE. Focalization makes is possible to reduce the stone to the state of extremely fine fragments.

The LT.02 stone treatment is usually PAINLESS and does not require anaesthesia. The patient is comfortably positioned on a fully ergonomic bed conducive to relaxation. The treatment does not require hospitalization or any preparation.

The type of shockwave utilized is HARMLESS – as evidence by thousands of patients who have been treated by LT.02. Particular attention is directed to the absence of lesions even on the lung tissues, despite the fact that they are highly sensitive to standard 'shockwaves'. Further, the treatment remains strictly independent of the cardiac rhythm and no monitoring is necessary.

The LT.02 Lithotripter is indicated for the treatment of Kidney, Ureter and Bladder Stone. It is simply;
  • Less Painful
  • Non Surgical
  • Comfortable and Quick
  • High Degree of Safety and Paucity of Complications-

Purely an Outpatient Procedure

ESWL Renal - RM2,000.00

ESWL Ureter - RM2,000.00

ESWL Bladder - RM2,000.00

Repeat ESWL for renal, ureter, bladder - RM400.00 each

Miscellanous – Additional charges of - (RM100 - RM400)

For Enquiries, contact us at 03-55431111 ext. 1036 (Lithotripter Centre) Cik Jamilah Rashid


KPJ Selangor provides a wide range and comprehensive patent drugs with a very reasonable price. Pharmacy services are also extended for cancer patients' need where the facilities for the preparation of cytotoxic and chemotherapy drugs can be arranged.

Hours of Business:
  • 24 Hours


Services provided are:
  • Range of Molecular Biology test - From RM1,300.00 – RM3,000.00
  • Range of Oncology test - From RM64.00 – RM90.00
  • Range of Infectious Disease test - From RM28.00 – RM103.00
  • Range of Endocrinology test - From RM44.00 – RM126.00
  • Range of Protein Chemistry test - From RM17.00 – RM85.00
  • Range of Clinical Chemistry / Hematology test - From RM17.00 – RM189.00

Hours of Business:

Monday - Friday - 8.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday - 8.30am - 12.30pm
Emergency Cases - 24 hours

For further information, please call: 03 - 55431111 ext. 6009/6003